We educate to promote healthy habits

We are a Social Civil Organization (SCO) that informs and motive people to build more health since 2007

Our mission

To educate children, adults and communities for the promotion of eating habits and a healthy lifestyle through high quality didactic resources.

Our vision

To be the organization that equalizes the access to the information about nutrition and healthy lifestyle and to motivate children, adults and communities to put it in practice to maintain and stimulate their health.

What we do

  • Workshop and conferences. For children and adults to learn in an active way.

  • Courses and trainings. For teachers, community leaders, employees and nutritionist to multiply health.

  • Didactic tool. Ideas, activities and recipes for practicing healthy habits.

  • Other actions. Educative programs and corporate volunteering that transform communities.

All of our actions are under a quality management system that guarantees quality and continuous improvement.

The most evident aspect of the problem is the prevalence of childhood overweight in all the regions of the world.

There are various underlying causes that contribute to the problem. The main and most important one is the lack of knowledge among Argentina’s impoverished communities which results in the assymetry in the access to specific information regarding health and welbeing. Even if this communities were able to have access to it, most of the individuals do not count with the tools and skills to interpret the educational messages without being previously educated on them. It is really important to emphasize how significant this problem is since more than 30% of the argentinean population is poor (they can’t afford basic goods and services).

We believe that nutrition education is key to enable kids to learn about new foods for them to try them and expand their dietary choices.

Although our main goal is to educate, we don’t focus on the content itself, but on HOW we use education as a way to create significant knowledge in others for them to put it into practice. We seek for every child to be the protagonist in his/her learning experience.

We develop didactic materials, games, interactive devices, stories and puppets so children can learn to take care about their health and develop healthy habits by stimulating their senses by playing.

We customize educational actions in order to fulfill the needs of our target audience, according to their age, context and culture.

Our outreach

  • 441,139 children and teenagers
  • 19,145 teachers
  • 2,339 schools
  • 1,897 employees, volunteer and community leaders
  • 13 provinces of Argentina

"We dream on “painting” the whole map with healthy messages!"

— Fundación Educacional